Aug. 6th, 2011

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Today started with an early morning wake up, which I spent most of reading the Zerosum I'd brought the night before, then trying to get back to sleep, which I did until(8:30) and then got up and hurried down to breakfast. I had a traditional Japanese breakfast which I'll have for the next few days as well it's a very enjoyable meal. (miso soup/rice/egg roll/fish) low cals too.

After I left for shin Osaka station and got my rail pass for 21 days yay rail pass! Then got onto a train heading for Osaka. At osaka I changed to a train going on the Osaka loop and got off at bentencho station... I fucking hate that station it confused me the last time and it confused me this time and I am good with direction!!!! (more on why later)

After finally getting to osakaka station I went into the shopping center there to look around. I went to the shop I went into last time (a shop that must buy individual capshole toys and resell them) and found two more Articuno items ^_^ yay! One of them also has a snorlax in it double yay!! I went and looked into the other shops and found the ninja shop again called shinobaya I brought some hair clips for a friend and some inscence and a keyring of a rabbit for myself (last yr I got an owl one, it has lost half it's face thou, time for a change!)

After a bit of food I went onto the aquarium again, this time I only took photos of the animals u can't see in Australia and some other ones that I love eg crabs and sting rays. After the aquarium I got a drink and watched a fire juggler, juggle fire. It was then time for me to do my ninja training =_= boy did that put my out of my comfort zone!!! But I did it and I got a certificate saying I'm an official ninja, so there ya go hahah.

After that I went on the giant ferris wheel and they took a photo of me generally I don't buy them (photos done professionally) but I figured there wouldn't be many photos of me from this trip so I grabbed it. I then stopped for a bit to eat some takoyaki it was pretty meh compared to last nights but I didnt expect much cause it was a food court. I finally found an available seat and as I started to eat a lady walked up me to an asked in broken English if she and her friends could sit with me, I had no issue she was really nice and once we got talking her English was fine. I thought at first I'd stolen their table (had done that unknowingly earlier that day- Japanese tend to leave bags and other valuables at tables to reserve them. Australians do not lol we leave ppl hahahah) she was very friendly and said she liked australia and made a real effort to speak to me in English :) It was really nice speaking to the locals.

I then headed off for home tired and ready to recharge before maybe going out again but then I got bloody stuck at bentencho station fuuuck ok so let me explain this particular station has a subway and a jr-line part. (needed to go from one to the other) but rather than being in the same station building they are completely separate and very confusing. I got terribly lost and ended up wondering around aimlessly going up and down stairs until I was at my wits end and asked hoping my broken Japanese would get through and the kind station worker took me to the window and pointed where I needed to go. And then more stairs and more stairs and more stairs gaaaaah and now thank god I'm back and I'm fucked but will probably head back out to try and find the pokemon center in umeda maybe not maybe that's a better thing to do tomorrow morning (i am a morning person after all) and now my feet hurt so mkuch i can barely stand lol.

Relaxing for a bit to rest my feet I opened up the random Articuno/snorlax packed to find pokemon disks with really nice pictures; alright time for a recap my 6 favorite pokemon of all time (not including my made up ones lol) Articuno, snorlax, eevee, balbasaur, pikachu, zaptos .... all six of these were in the packet!!!!!!! So happy!!! The thing only costs me 380yen it's puddles for all I got ^____^

i just got also skyped in with my mum and from japan helped her create a LJ account so she can post :P she says she hates me for making her though hahaha i told her she could be annonomous.

Now for pic spam

This restarunt in the center had australia meat and prawns they had this kangeroo eatinging!!!

this is the outside of Osaka Aqaurium

This are pictures of my view from the ferris wheel!

the articuno thingy i got (imagine snorlax version of this too)


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