Aug. 7th, 2011

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So i will start with last nights dinner, ooommmggg yuumm for 2000yen (twentyish bucks) i got this. Which was followed by 4 cookies, an apricot shortcake, orange zest and 2 chock chips

Today was a good morning got up, ate breakfast and then to the net cafe. After which I headed to the pokemon store it was actually in Osaka station so it was easy to find. This one didn't have as much older pokemon stuff and it didn't have the classic pokemon centre music playing like the last one did.

I got there early but there was still heaps of kids there with their folks and we were cramped into the elevator Japanese style lol. I found one Articuno figurine and then got a couple of cute pokemon things :)

- Celibi plushie
- Pikachu keychains / badges
- articuno figure
- mareep note pad
- pikachu badge
- osaka pokemon centre playing cards
- osaka pokemon centre meoth/pikachu/tepig keyrings
- pikechu R keychain

I stopped to get a drink at a small cafe in osaka station and took a pic of the beautiful view.

On the way back to my room to drop my brought stuff I was distracted by (not kidding here, thoughts of hakkai) and the elevator door closed on my bag and snapped off one of my badges ;__; the one with hakkai smoking. Now I don't love that badge (which is why I brought it) but I'm very sad to have lost it I fear it has fallen into the elevator shaft.

After that I headed back out to shin-Osaka station and brought some tuna sushi for lunch which I was going to eat on the train but as I got to the train gates I realized shiit I didn't have my tour document to prov I was Rachel ect ect so I walked fast (couldn't run as today I bandaged my ankle for protection against the "walking tour") grabbed it ended up eating the sushi inside and scoffing it down might I add and then bolting back to the meeting place which was in Osaka station. I don't like being ontime or late I like being early XD but luckily the other people were late so it didn't matter.

There was 5 people on my tour not including me and including the guide who was really lovely! There was another Australian from Brisbane sl we chatted a bit she was an older lady probably in her 50s and an older couple from new Zealand and they mustve been 60s and a younger girl from brazil not sure her age but 20s I'd say but she was very quiet. Here is a pic of our group :) (Im not in it)

I talked alot to the Aussie and NZ ladies and we got along very well and they told me they wished that they'd traveled like me at my age lol.

We went to Osaka castle and it was beautiful, stunning amazing... But wait... Oh no my arch enemy stairs!!! Here are some pictures we had to walked up 3 floors from 5th floor to 8th and to get down we had to talk 8 flights down :s did i mention how hot today is?

pic spam under here )

There was alot of walking today I walked 4+ hrs I'm not kidding my shirt is so drenched it sweat it's very ewww :s I have a lot of photos from today to many in my op but my mother/god mother said if I didn't take them I would be killed so I'm doing this for my life people hahaha.

After we did Osaka castle we went on a cruise down the river in a boat whose roof can shrink and it did and it was very colstraphobic to suddenly have the roof come down!

picture from the cruise

Osaka castle garden was amazing and I was VERY luck I didnt get sunburnt veeeery lucky.

It Was such a nice day today (really) when I lost my hakkai badge I was sad but now I am really happy.

I think I might eat in tonight I'm so tired, maybe order room service lol. I've just tallied up what my last 3 days expenditure was ... I am waaay under budget... *evil grins*

Tomorrow is the day that will change *_* tomorrow is Den Den town. The akibahara of osaka and a saiyuki and doujinshi gold mine mwahahaha spending ¥_¥

Peace out people!


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