Aug. 9th, 2011

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Today i head off to Kyoto for 3 nights :) i stay at a Ryokkan (did i spell that right?) across of the main giant Koyto temple!

I should have internet there, but it isnt gareenteed.

Last night i read some of the porn from my spoils, the 58 ones were rather tame disapointed about that but i still have almost another 3 weeks to find some ones that arent ;)

The tiger bunny ones were great, will need to scan them for u guys somehow... now sure how XD

I also read the latest finder ;) well if u know finder like i do the word "smut" sums it up, especially when its in japanese and i have no idea what theyre saying haha. Ive forgotten the main dudes name but he needs a sign saying "butt out for hire" on the back of him!!!

Heres the Takoyaki i promised to photo, it was a bit mushed around in the box when i got to it but please dont let that make u think that this isnt THE BEST takoyaki in the world!

today as per usual i had my japanese style breakfast and i saw this XD

LOL Sarad!! XD i know why its like that but it doesnt make it any less funny XD

Also this is the sound of the Cicadas in the morning. (hope this works)(it didnt so click the link if u wanna hear/watch)¤t=IMG_0413.mp4

this morning at breakfast they had a msuical only version of eltons johns "when you feel the love tonight" it was really nice!

Im off now to drag my shopping (from yesterday) to the station to post :) and then to back and off to kyoto!

Catch ya soon!
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Japan trip 2 day 5

Today started well successfully posted my shopping off to Melbourne day was looking good, then... I packed up my stuff locked my bag and the lock jammed, I knew the code as it was the same one I had used last trip and in Perth and generally knew it since every day I opened and closed it!! 1 - seto 6 - hakkai 9 - me this code only makes sense to me!! It won't open!! My medicines in there ok so now I'm freaking out surprisingly not as much had this happened at home ( where people actually speak my language) it seems they're going to get chain cutters yea, it's a thick lock. 

So the kind old man came and cut the lock, and then bowed to me and walked away I shouted thank u at him (arigato) as he walked away, I felt bad why was he bowing at me? I owed him, anyhow.

I went to the station and found a lock in the first shop I asked in for ¥1050 I bet it'll be twice as good as my stupid Australian one that was $40! Dodgy piece of shit!!!

Anyway now I'm on the train to Kyoto with a list of things to do today :) I already know where I'm staying but because i haven't paid yet I need to make my spending budget a little tighter for the next 2 days. No shopping today :(

On the way the area reminds me of spirited away, when they're driving up the mountains, it's really lovely. As were moving along I saw a sports centre sponsored by Meiji a maker if japanese sweets. Next to it was a brown building shaped like chocolate (I fucking kid u not) I didn't get a photo of it!! I saw it and then it was too late I might go on the train to Kyoto when I am back in osaka just to get a pic!

When I arrived at my inn I was greeted with aircon and ice water which was very much appreciated. I can't get into my room until 3pm which is a bit annoying usually wouldn't bother me but I am short on cash and un sunscreamed so If I walk to far I'll burn if I spend too much I won't eat dinner hahaha what a pickle. 

So I wondering around Kyoto and ended up at Kyoto tower, think Tokyo tower but less epic and interior  more like a bunker lol. It was nice either way and I took some ripping pictures of the view. (which will be posted when i have a pc again) There was a giant (probably buhda) Statue way off that I could see and I could see the spot in the mountains that they burn the big kanji into the mountain! Sadly I won't be in Kyoto when that happens :(

I then wondered down and spoke to a lovely man who asked me where I was from and if I liked kyoto he was very kind as he held the lift for me.

I then headed to a shopping center attached to Kyoto station for window shopping in search of my beloved usagi shop.

The usagi shop is still there (rabbit shop) and I brought some more badges they're sooo cuuuute <333 rabbits are my favorite animal (birds aren't an animal, they're birds) and this shop doesn't sell anything that doesnt have a usagi on it XD 

Here are he badges aren't they cuuute??

Photobucket Pictures, Images and Photos

I wanted to take a photo but I wanted to be polite and ask first the lady asked me not to take one and so I didn't, I understand.

After that I wondered around the shopping centre for a bit and wondered into a kids section when I saw these, it's like Japans version of Lego!

here are piccies )

I really want to get into my room and have a shower and change, I had lunch in a smoker/non smoker cafe. These are very common, and although I have nothing against people destroying their lungs I dislike the smell ALOT especially when it's on me! so now my cloths reek X| bluer want a shower and a washing machine.

I finally got into my room aircon yay! Washing machine yay!

Had to wait an hr to get a seat where I wanted to eat but when I did get a seat it was the exact same as last time ^_^ in front of the colour changing panel :)

Here pictures: )

They have an english menu so it's easy to order OMG I cant wait to eat this place is soo worth the wait!! Oh and theyre smart cause it's the pny place I've been to that gives u a cold towel haha sooo refreshing ~_~

Omfg that was good I am so full!!! 
I ate too quickly and now I feel sick ;_; ah well, no dessert for me tonight. 

*** this entire post Inc pictures was done via my iPhone :p spelling/ quality mistakes are it's fault not mine!


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