Aug. 14th, 2011

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Thanks all for the hugs Im feeling better and less homesick today!

After a bit of browsing the interwebs i discovered that Mandrake (porn oclock shop/shit tones of saiyuki rares) has a website...

An ENGLISH website...

and it has maps...

To ALL its stores...

there are 2 i didnt know about in Osaka... :D lucky im going back there right?

Because i didnt spend much yesterday today i have a lot of Cash...

Im going to Nanako broadway which have had said has English speaking staff to help tourists find what theyre looking for...

The only bad thing about Mandrake is that it doesnt open till late gaaah XD

EDIT: But animate opens at 10 so that should be good will go there first! Take care Flist speak soon!

hehehehehehehe mwahahahaa shoppping!!!

Expect Shopping spoils photos tonight!!
rachel_riecheru: me opening a box of hakkai stuff and he being so happy to see me! (Default)
So today started well I had a lovely sleep in then jumped on the net and looked up places to shop and discovered some wonderful things about mandrake! So I decided to go to nakano broadway today instead of shibuya. It turns out (2:30pm) I have time for both!

I started the day with animate thou and even though I got there at opening time it was already jam packed! Ah well what can I do?

I didn't find any saiyuki stuff but instead brought a darker than black book and a tiger bunny doujinshi.


When i got back to the hotel to drop it back off I when through this free summer anime guide, boring boring boring, Saiyuki gaiden...!!! Weee so worth the while! A double spread of our boys! >< yay! At the back there was also a kenshin section is Sano!!! Ooo im do happy <3


Nakano broadway is awesome it has 3 different levels and lots of different things being sold :) i of course focused on saiyuki. But I did pick up a few yugioh related figures while I was there.

I couldnt take photos in Mandrake but heres a picture of the map!


what I did buy is here
- saiyuki doujinshi
- saiyuki animation sketches
- complete set with folder of collectables cards
- requeium special movie exclusive book and flyer
- seth/ dark magician / seto figurine from yugioh
- pokemon pencil board (original 150)

When I was looking for saiyuki pencil boards and I found the pokemon one there was a girl decked out on Lolita goth clothing she was lookog at yu yu hakusho. I told her I was a kurama fan and she looked up and said she was a heie fan. She pointed at the board she then asked what I was looking for and I told her saiyuki and she told me she was a goku fan and I said I loved hakkai and she said he was cool. I agreed and we laughed a little. When I found the pokemon board I pointed to freezer /articuno and told her That was my name reicheru freezer she was amazed lol. :) it was nice talking to someone else (In broken English / broken japanese) it made me remember why this is the place I belong.

I'm on the train now headed for Shibuya for more shopping and walking it's 3pm I haven't eaten yet.

Shibuya is mental with so many people going in all different ways here are some pictures :)

Shibuya crossing )

Holly crap i am the god of good direction (i have very good direction skill :D) i totally navigated myself to Mandrake without knowing the foggiest idea where i was meant to be XD my Saiyuki senses mustve been leading me there hahaha.

Actually before i found the Mandrake i found a tokyo hands store, do you guys remember the bonus chapter of saiyuki reload 1 where hakkai changes there clothing and gojyo asks if he got it from Tokyo hands? well as i was taking a photo of tokyo hands and snickering to myself over that i realized i was opposite mandrake XD Wooo!

I didnt find anything else other than Doujinshi and a DVD for saiyuki there but that was enough :) I met another english speaker though, this time a mandrake shopkeep as they talked to me about Saiyuki and asked me where i was from and told me they wanted a pet koala... i didnt have the heart to pull the drop bear joke on them i thought it would be too mean. XD

After i dropped this off at the hotel i then went to the Ikebukuro shops again and found some more doujinshi at Kbooks. But.. when i went back to Mandrake i found another english speaking Shopkeep and she found me EVERY saiyuki/minekura thing in the shop <3

Including some of the wonderful following
- stickers
- original sketches
- 1998 Calander (lol)
- Saiyuki note pad with a ACTUAL signature by Minekura, not a printed one!! an ACTUAL one!!!! :D!!!!

Alright people what are we waiting for, PICTUURES!!!

Shopping spoils for today! )

Tomorrow i am off to Fuji-San wish me luck :)


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