Aug. 17th, 2011

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Today I am off to fuji, after posting my spoils from Tokyo (2 boxes which cost a lot of money) I got onto the train from Ikebukuro heading to Shinjuku got off there and jumped on a train heading for Kufō. While waiting inline I got asked a question by an American about what sort of ticket you needed. I advised he would need to buy one so off he went, because of that the woman inline behind me starting to chat with me.

She spoke really good english and we talked for hours her name was Michiko, she is married to a gentleman who is a burocrate but he is actually a nuclear engineer so he is working with people fixing the Fukushima plant. It was really nice finding another person to talk to and she gave me her number incase I needed someone to contact.

After getting off at Otsuki I rode on a one way train to Fuji, it was more of a tram than a train as it was really slow. I didn't take picture cause it was too beautiful to miss but we drove through the mountains and the forest i have to go back the same way so photos will be taken then.

Arriving in fuji (Kawaguchiwa) I waiting for a taxi and headed straight to my inn.

Kawaguchiwa station

The inn is beautiful on the outside completely Japanese style it has beautiful koi ponds and such. The room I have isn't much which was a little disappointing. I thought it had it's own toilet and shower but it doesn't :p this means I have to use the onsen regardless lol. It does have a table and air conditioning so that's good.

Onsen i stayed at )

After I had my sook regarding the room (false advetisement!) I asked them where the wifi was as it was advertised as having free wifi on public areas at this inn. But they advised they dont have wifi and instead gave me the laptop they had on the counter to use in the dining area. Sigh this doesn't happened often as the site I used to book the accomadation is very reliable so when I get to an appropriate place I'll probably advise them of some of the misconceptions regarding this place.

In the meanwhile Im trying to look on the brighter side as I found melon soda at the local convince store so I brought some and there is a small fridge in the room so I'm using it for my breakfast. (they ONLY serve lunch here =_=)

The area itself is beautiful but I can't see fuji today :( too cloudy lol.

Tomorrow I have a few things planned I'd like to go on a boat tour aroun the lake :) I'd also like to take a ropeway (cable car) up to a mountain!

After I do that I plan to walk across the river to the other side and look at two museums. Possible a monkey theatre show although I'm a bit funny about using animals in shows. I'll also stop at a few shrines :) hopefully tomorrow will be good! One redeeming point this place has is a dedicated anime channel lol.

The front desk gave me a very useful paper on things to do in the area so it'll be nice to explore it's also got a VERY handy public transport map explaining how to get back to shin Osaka. (kinda)(in hindsight this is a lie)

I also finally learnt what the little reverse swat stickers on Japanese maps mean. There the sign for temples it really confused me before.

As i went out to dinner I was able to get a clear shot of Fuji!


I'm eating Chinese tonight they didn't have anything Japanese around LOL the food looks good and plenty of people are here eating it so Thad a good sign. But I'm not get pork!

Dinner & Dessert )

When I get back to the hotel I am going to have a bath :s it's a little nerve wrecking as other naked women haven't seen my naked butt before and I know I'm going to end up starring at someone's tits (cause I stare generally hahaha) I hope that there is someone nice there to show me the ropes.

In the baths I was nervous to get undressed as at the time no one else was naked and I was worried I wasnt meant to be lol. Then two woman got naked and then I follows their lead! At first twas a bit strange but after a while it was natural I was nude they were nude nothing weird about it lol. My tits were the biggest!!! ^_^ I chatted with a Japanese woman and a Koreon woman who was also doing an onsen for the first time :)

After I went back to my room and relaxed. Watched anime an chilled, natsumes book of friends was on which has Akita ishida in it <3 his charater is very Kai like and his wears glasses so I was happy! Tiger is bunny is on at 10pm so I'm going to try and wait until then to watch :)
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Today (yesterday) has thus far been amazing I'm feeling great! Something I've also realized is that on the two days I felt like crap I didn't get a proper walk in. I'm writing this at lunch I've walked around 2.5hrs already and have a lot longer to go :)

The area around Fuji is beautiful and I'm walking around the lake. I stared off going on a cable car up the second highest mountain and boy did I get some good pics :) after getting to the top I hiked (yes I hiked) a further kilometer up the mountain to the top point where there was a small shrine I put some money in the money box and made a wish! Also snapped a picture of the top fuji he's being a bit of a shit and hiding behind clouds but I managed to take 2 shoots of him when he came out of hiding mwahahah! Go me! The hike up was really steep and a little worrying but there was a few other people climbing so I knew of I fell I wouldn't be totally isolated.

At the top of the mountain (before the shrine hike) there is a large love heart shaped bell and u ring it and make a wish so I did XD lots of wishing today hahaha.

The view from the top

Pics of the top here )

Back down and onto a boat cruise again more photos lol that was nice as it was the first time I'd sat down on a proper seat.

Pics from cruise )

After that I began my walk around to the other wise I'd the lake, it's a bloody long walk and I am impressed with myself for doing this lol. Eventually I got hungry and saw a cafe open for lunch and prayed Ot had an English or picture menu, it had an English menu yay! Oh this place is Yakiniku! I'd never done Japanese Yakiniku and as nothing else in my day had been saiyuki'd I figured why not this lol! There was 3 lunch sets 2 with pork and one with sirloin steak. I don't often eat steak cause it's usually cooked wrong for me and I dislike large chunks of red meat... But i didn't want pork.... O M G best choice ever! Lunch was IMO expensive but it wasn't really expensive for what I got and I figure that I'm not spending much at the moment anyway so who gives a shit. The steak yakaniku style was incredible no wonder our boys love it!! For the 3000¥ it cost me I got, 10 pieces if meat, soup, salad (a good amount too) some veggies, a bowl of rice, iced oolong tea and ice cream with cream and corn flakes...Wtf

Pics of Lunch- yum yum )

I've also seen two skinks today and some eagles looove eagals! I've seen a billion dragon flies and butterflies. (no photos to hard to take)

I walked around the lake to the otherside boy or boy is that a good/long walk christ. I then found the music box museum it wasn't the one I wanted to go to bit I figured why not and went in. This wasn't for me, it would've been more fun with my grandmother (Bubbi) or my friend Paul. (he would've loved it) either way I took heaps of photos. My ankle hurts now but I a really enjoying walking so I'm currently resting it an have taken some pain killers to get me back to the the other side :).

I just finished at the museum I did want to go to. It was a beautiful museum filled with artwork buy a children's writer/illustrator the artwork isn't anime but is very nice and pretty to look at. I brought an artbook from the museum I think I'll give it to my best friend as a present of he likes it. (he's hard when it comes to getting art cause he's an artist)

At the cafe attached to the museum everything has strawberry in it... They even had a strawberry coffee XD I don't drink coffee but that sooo doesn't sound good lol.

Musuems, my dessert and pics from this side of the lake )

I am now back home after 45 minute walk :) the walks been great! It's nice no people no trains no crowds today's been really different. I hope I can do another day like today again. My ankle managed through the walk and I can see I've managed to correct most of my penguin foot on my right side so for the first time in forever I walk with straightish feet. At my moment I'm sitting topless (with bra) fanning myself under the air con im very hot, today was nice thou cool winds.

Bwahahaha relaxing in my room cooling off and watching the anime channel and it's got dragon ball z on and it's the episode where they say it's over 9000!!!! I got the line even in Japanese!

When I went to have a bath today i noticed a scale and figured even thou I've eaten it'd be a good idea to weigh myself I was 106-107kg... That's after eating...that's almost 3-4kilos in less than 2 weeks!!!
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More than half the trip through a bit strange not a bad thing not a good thing. I'm not looking forward to the plane trip home >_< i dislike plans bluer I can never sleep.

The last two nights I didn't really sleep either it was too hot and I've been ravaged by mozzies. (people cant say i dont give blood XD)

Guuuuuh public transport inefficiency essentially to get to Osaka (one end of Japan) from fuji-San (middle of Japan) I have to fucking go to Tokyo (other end of Japan) XD this is highly inefficient! What a pain XD suspect today will be mainly me on transport systems lol.

Yes btw it was 7hrs 45minutes on trains today ^^********

So, got out of my inn at 8:40, it's now 11:58am and I am only now just on a train bound for Shin-osaka ^_^*** gah.

It's now 1:06pm we're stopping at shin-fuji-fucking station LOL I am almost falling asleep here lol.

2:51 and we just passed Nagoya alright today I'm officially over trains lol. Completely over them =_=.

We just passed the Kirin brewery and the beer containers are painted to look like beer in a glass XD clever!

Here are todays pic (mostly on a train though)

Panasonics building, i love this as its shaped like a speaker!

Yay Im off the train
Yay I can post
Boy am I hungry LOL - going to get food talk tomorrow XD


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