Aug. 18th, 2011

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Had a slow day today which was nice. Had a late breaky and then an early lunch. Wondered around osaka station for a bit before my tour.

Lunch )

I was the only from my tour coming from Osaka so I had a private tour guide to take me to Kyoto (not that I needed one lolz) but she was really nice and we talked a lot and she will meet me back at Nara station to take me back to Osaka which will be good lol. Look at what she showed me, some Artwork of all Osakas Sister citys, and Camberra from Australia is one of them!



It's a one hour drive to Nara from Kyoto. Which is kinda weird since it's closer to Osaka (Nara) lol.

So now I'm on the bus and listening to the tour guide in one ear bang on about alcohol and have my music in the other year lol. There will be lots of photos today. Our first stop is Nara deer park!

Oh deer, (pardon the pun!) when I heard about deer park I expected a couple of deers. They're fucking everywhere man XD!!

I tried to feed them and instead they feed of my fucking skirt XD oh deer!!!! Ah well a bit of soap and water at the bathroom later. I did buy deer biscuits for them but when I tried to feed them they all came at me at once so I freaked out and threw the biccies at them and just feed one separately lol.

I am enjoying dango mmmm dango and yummy melon slurpie <3 yummy! I'd never had dango before but it's very very nice :) so that will keep me going before dinner.

The temple was amazing a giant bronze budha statue the largest on the whole world in the largest wooden building in the whole world! There was lots of other budhas with the main one maybe one of them was the goddess of mercy maybe.

Here's so photos of what I mean (deers & shrine) )

At the next place we went to a shito shrine with 3000 lanterns. It's was alright not as special as the last two places but OMG OMG OMG OMG SNAKE!!!!!

Photos of snake & shrine <3 )

I looove snakes and was born in the year of the snake so feel especially close to them hehehe this one was sooo cute! So unpoisoness too!! Which made a huge difference <3 I wanted to pick it up but the tour guide was freaked as she was lol. I hope seeing a snake there will be a good sign for me!

After that we went to a souvenir shop and I picked up some incense :)


They then dropped me at Nara station where my guide was waiting for me :) on the way back to namba station we talked and I showed her the photos of my trip so far she really enjoyed it :) after we got to namba we spilt up but she brought me this lovely usagi postcard set >_< cause I said I liked rabbits how nice is thaaat!!


I then ate my dinner which was amazing the tuna melted in my mouth (this is what tuna sashi should do just melt, if it isn't melting it's either not good quality or they cut it wrong!)

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Time to post this and then head for the shower! Wanna wash off all the deer germs.


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