Aug. 22nd, 2011

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Woke up at 6am had slept well though, had a strange dream of a friend from home giving me a legendary 2000¥ note (I've never seen one but apparently they exist *shrug*) I went online for a bit and then went back to sleep and had another weird dream this time about a dear friend of mine visiting me (she lives very far away) but in the dream she didn't look anything like herself it was very odd XD

My breakfast was subway today I had a third of a footlong and a melon soda I didnt want a big breakfast because I would rather be hungry for lunch at a reasonable time (this will decrease the likeliness of me wondering off for food at a convince store at 8pm and buying junk food lol!)

Oh, the japanese subway has a hilarious tag line!

Today is raining heavily and my umbrella is being a bit weird, I discovered after breaky it was actually broken XD gah so I brought a new giant clear Japanese one (have always wanted a giant clear umbrella we don't really do them in Australia!) and it was just 5 bucks which was good and it's probably going to keep me a lot dryer when my little shitty one!

Today I am off to the studio Ghibli museum! I'm very excited!

The museum is amazing and that's to put it lightly you can see original animations and little snippets threw negatives and sketches and a shelf with all the different colour paints used to do each an every cell! You get to look at animation reels and roll them and sit in the life sized cat bus! There is a life sized duplicate of the spirited away food/open bar that turned the parents into pigs and you can sit there and the plates and chopsicks move *if u move them theyre not like the ones from beauty and the beast lol*! I felt the chicken/duck and it was soft and sqwishy :p! But it felt real!!! There was a duplicate forest from princess mononoke with those little cute white bobble head dudes. <3

The place is amazing! There was a spiraling staircase u could take up to the second floor and I was a little scared as it was really tight really clostraphobic and very long, but it did it anyway but i might've been a bit big lol (too tall as well hahah) I am sitting in line for the cafe now it's already nearly 1pm and I haven't seen the whole place yet (got here before 11)

Another thing we got were this original SG negatives that were used as a movie ticket to get into a cinema which shows original cartoons that aren't sold or shown outside the museum this was fantastic!!

The one I saw was about a boy and a rabbit, they found a cane and both wanted and had compitions to see who could get it, like racing and sumo wrestling! Twas awesome! They kept drawing though so the rabbit went and got his grandmother and asked her to decide when she saw the cane she said it was hera and was happy they found it. (they were a bit disappointed though) in the end they had tea and biscuits <3 it was cute!

Here is a picture from the book i brought


This would have been awesome to take my best friend with me as he is an animator he would've loved it! There was also replica work stations and collected pencils the animators used! As I write this I am getting closer and closer to being able to set lunch (hope there's an English menu lol)

Just before a pigeon was flying around and everyone was screaming, why are they scared of pigeons? Hmm who knows. In the first room there was this awesome figurine tree, with all these slightly moved figurines and then it got dark and it started to spin and a little light flashes and the figures became animated ooooommmmmggggg soooo coooool *____*

I know I'm going to through the museum shop and come out with heaps of shit! Yay nearly at the door <3 the sound of cicadas is incredible here! In line the children can read original picture books bit they're in Japanese so don't do much got me lol.

After lunch I will explore the rest of the museum I'll take photos of whatever outside thing is possible <3 inside the cafe (yes I finally made it after 20 minutes lol) it's nicely decorated with little hats and beautiful red windows. I'm sitting at the bar so I can see people cooking and making drinks and it's very cool! The straws they have are very thin as well. I order a ice cocoa, (Japanese Kind of iced chocolate but it's not really) then a sandwich and a slice of strawberry short cake which judging from what I can see is going to be a giant bloody slice!

Because I am polite (lol I am!!) I asked if I could take a photo inside they said no :( but they said I could take photos of food!

Foood droools )

The sandwiches I got were even studio ghibilish they were yummy >_< and very filling the Japanese have a habit of not cooking bacon enough though :s.

Cake - look mum I'm eating fruit! Sorry bad joke but seriously omg the size of the thing!!! I have had a cake that big since I started my weight loss. Yes I did eat it all. Yes it was a good as it looked. Yes the strawberries were amazing. No I don't feel guilty... Yet :p

Looked around the rest of the museum and found the shop and the book shop. Brought 5 books, art books for howls moving castle and totoro for me. A spirited away art book for a friends bday (these are a bit too expensive for souvenirs but he's nuts for Japan stuff so even though his bday was in April he said he was happy to wait!) I also brought a book from the short animation o got to watch :) this made me happy it means I can show u guys little pics from it. I also brought the museum book which had an English bit as well :)

I then went to the other shop brought some badges, a little totoro plushie, a no face calendar which was going to be a souvenir for a friend but bugger them I want it hahaha...that's ok right? Lol

I got a little totoro jewelry box and when I was paying for everything I asked if they had Arriette in English they took a copy of the DVD (all writting in Japanese) and then said "it has English subtitles!" yay that's what I wanted (can't do dubs, even good ones!) I'm so happy ^_^ I plan to watch it tonight! (on the pc.)

Heres what i could take of the museum )

Once I get back I'll relax a bit then head back out to go to Tokyo tower (period permitting ofcourse - last night I had terrible cramps so I wasn't going anywhere lol)

When I got out of the museum there were two men in uniform (not sexy before one of u ask) and they got me onto a studio ghibi special bus that did circles to the museum and station it had pics on it and I was able to snap a picture before we got on.

Studio Ghibili Bus


Boy I'm stuffed but today was good!

Got back my hotel at 4ish and headed out before five to look at Tokyo tower the weather was still bad so I didn't take many pics but I'll most the best ones when I'm satisfied with them (I'm going multiple times) when I was walking around TT I had cramps so I didn't stay long and ended up heading back to my room to relax.

Did see this thou, yay more tacky diamond encrusted stuff! XD


Around 8pm I had dinner at the hotel buffet (which discounts late eaters by quiet a lot) so dinner which was;
Sushi tuna, salmon and prawn x 2 prepared in front of me!
Croquettes (potatoe) x 2
Beef stew x 2 (I don't eat enough red meat and it had mushrooms <3)
tempura mix x 2
Grilled fish x 2
Dumplings x 3
Piece of cake
Little donutty shapes dipped in choc (they had a choc fountain!! *___*)
Mixed fruit.
That was all ¥1000 wooo!

But OMG the food wasn't the best thing in there I had a bad FANGIRLING moment when one of the waiters looked like Hakkai. Now it wasnt just a little it was everything his hair, his voice his body he had glasses OMG every time he came near me I grinned like a dick and flush and he was dressed nicely and and and OMG I want to marry him and have his babies cause of how much he looked like Hakkai... I love the real thing more let that be stated and if he asked me to I would marry hakkai and do whatever he said for eternity! But... Boy was this man hot! Siiigh... He's probably not interested in me though ah well back to Hakkai :p

Lastly spoils for Ghibili under here )


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