Aug. 23rd, 2011

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Hey guys, not much to post today went shopping in Akihabara *i always say Akibahara* brought a lot of nice things but im stuffed and cant be bothered taking photos of stuff at the moment but will have proper giant post tomorrow :P

Went to Akibahara and found lots of stuff, the kbooks only had mens stuff but they did have have the Arcania series *all of it* so i brought all of ones with Senies work on the cover <3

I also asked a random game shop to check if they had a copy of the saiyuki
PS2 games. After difficulty in getting my point across the shop keep spent 5 minutes on the phone to someone and then took me 5 minutes away to a place hidden in a back alley *i was a bit concerned he was going to murder me, back packer murders happen in Australia hahahaha....haaa XD* but instead we went to another shop that had the game! <3 twas my first saiyuki find of the day!

Saiyuki stuff i found was
- Saiyuki PS2 game *the fighting one*
- Saiyuki Pillow
- Saiyuki Stuff
- Rare Saiyuki Silver pins in a metal saiyuki case
- Saiyuki Poster
- Saiyuki novel *the one with Sanzo on the front in water*
- Saiyuki RED postcard booklet
- Assorted Saiyuki Doujinshi

After climbing 8 flights of stairs 8, 8...8!!!!! to get to the top of the Akibahara Mandrake store to get saiyuki stuff i got a taxi back cause i got a lot of doujinshi *Yugioh and Saiyuki* this time.

after a short rest i was at the pokemon centre for more shopping. They played the pokemom centre music constantly. There was a pokemon lottery for 500yen a try i brought two tries and the first won the second highest prize! Yay! The second one also won but not as highly. I wanted to win a the high prize, a pikachu toaster, which toasts pikachus face on toast!!! XD

Pokemon stuff i brought/won
- Pokemon Band aids x 2 *practical*
- Pokemon tissues *practical*
- Large Snivy plush *won! second prize*
- Pikachu/new starters clear file set *won!*
- Some free Pokemon bags i just discovered yay lol
- Pokemon Badges
- Free Pokemon Fan
- Pokemon Rumble Stickers
- 3 notepad set, Snorlax *yay daddy*, Lapras, Dragonite
- Pokemon Black playing cards
- Another Articuno figure <3

Then went back to Akibahara and brought some more stuff. *inc some of the previous mentioned saiyuki stuff*

Had to climb more stairs at the 7 story animate XD only to find out i missed one fucking floor so i have to go back tomorrow XD

I didnt get everything and will need another day or two... to see the rest.

None saiyuki stuff i got.

- Darker than black fan books 2
- Darker than black manga *different to the last one* vol 3 & 4 *have 1,2 already*
- Thats so life manga 5-7
- Arcania series - vols 1,3,5,6,9
- Yugioh KC mug
- Yugioh Doujinshi
- The world only god knows vol 9-13
- Honey Comb *for helliongoddess*
- 2 Miku Hatsume Stress balls, one for my mate that did Japan with me last time and another for a work college who loooves Miku.

Im stuffed now i shall post pics tomorrow... time to relax later flist!


rachel_riecheru: me opening a box of hakkai stuff and he being so happy to see me! (Default)

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