Aug. 24th, 2011

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Today started well with a bit of a pleasant sleep in and then onto my Tokyo morning tour. Today's weather is nicer so photos from the tower should be good today :)

I started out by speaking to the staff at the hotel lobby and discovering that they also have their own postal service <3 they don't charge any more than the post office does either... hehehehe this is wicked means I can relax buy a box tonight and slowly pack it making sure it's all perfectly fitting and then ship it only shelping my heavy items down to the elevator and across the lobby = better than a while down the street and stuffing around at the post office with non English speaking staff who always ask "figure?" then I show them a picture and they say "Ahhhh figure" lol.

My tour guide picked me up today I was the only one from my hotel going <3 i love my hotel I don't care if it's expensive it's really nice and there's nothing I can't do (cept room service, but family mart and eating in takes care of that)

I'm on a bus which is really green and snot colored lol here -

See what I mean XD

These tours kinda shit me a little maybe because it always assumed all people are tourists >_< I'm not I'm a local... (kinda lol) this guide is very um well boring XD and repetitive. But talking to her one on one is good and she walks around with a pikachu on her guide stick.

When I asked if I could split of the group she was fine with it (yay) but where I wanted to go (the higher level) but according to the other staff there was to long a line. But when I told that to the guide later she gave me her spare ticket! So nice.

Check out the view!


More photos of Tokyo towers day time view. )

So after Tokyo tower we headed for the outer garden of the imperial palace we didn't spend too much time their but it was nice. We saw a snapping Turtle. A bit one aparetly then we saw swans and a kabura bird (I think.) and some koi. ^_^


More photos of around the palace )

Now we are off to a temple and a souvenir shopping area. <3

So I decided to spend the entire time at the temple and no shopping which was a good choice as I saw amazing things and took lots of photos to share with u.

Guess who's favorite goddess was at the shrine!!! ^_^ I got a photo with her, took photos and brought a nice scroll with her on it. I also brought a charm for those born in the year of the snake, I also donated a some coins for some candles and made a wish after lighting them.

I also tried my luck at a forte but got bad fortune even thou the number of the sick I got was 39 (figured it would be kinda lucky - but no 8 so I guess not :p)

Everyone else went to get the souvenirs but I stayed in the temple with the guide and we chatted she was really nice and her English was really good. She knew saiyuki a bit and I told her about my name and she was really impressed she laughed and said it was cool.

Me and the Merciful goddess

More photos of Shrine and the Merciful Our Goddess <3 )

Days been good thus far and I'm off to go shopping now ^_^ back to akibahara but first I need food.

I didn't find food before I found shopping but I'm finally getting lunch eating at mos burger, it's one of those fancier burger places. It was nice now I'm full and full or energy (we hope!) more shopping.

Ok so not so much energy after climbing all those fucking stairs again fuuuurk common people elevator and escalator arent that expensive!!! Got I'm ready to passout lol.

Decided to head Back for today (tonight I will re visit TT and take night photos.) today I am getting a massage <3

Well after the message I was nice and relaxed and slept for an hr a half and had to wake myself up forcefully but it's alright. I think I'm a bit too tired to go out again, but thats alright, tomorrow i have decided to do a little something different. I found out today that there are Pandas in Tokyo zoo, and its very easy to get to! So i decided to go there. :) After the Zoo I will go to the Auqarium in another area :) and then *time/energy depending* rest and go to Tokyo tower at night.

There is only 1 more shop i want to go to in Akibahara and that can wait for Friday.

Had a nice dinner at the buffet and ate too much :P - night all.


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