Aug. 25th, 2011

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Today I went to Tokyo zoo located in Ueno park. I wasn't sure what to expect but I did expect that the cages would be small and that there would be pandas. Ive never seen real pandas in real life so I was exited to see them! Waaah pandas are sooo cute <3 love love love <3

When I saw them the first time they were still sleeping but by the time I made it all the way around and went to see them a second time they were eating waaah so cute!

There was so many animals there I can't even list them but I took photos of most of them!

My camera dies after 3 hrs of continuous use so some photos where taken on my iPhone.

I spent around 4 hrs walking around my body hurts but I am proud of myself as it's now 6:40pm and I am at Tokyo tower so I managed to get back out of the hotel for once ^_^

I'm currently waiting my turn to go up to the special observatory deck for photos. Tomorrow will be another shopping day and maybe I Will also go to the aquarium time permitting otherwise will leave that for Saturday. My trip is now drawing a close :( I'm a bit sad to say goodbye but there is good incentive to come home (all my boxes are waiting hahah!)

I am actually going to have money left this time!!! Shock horror I know :|


Here are the animals I saw

I close to 300-400 photos/videos *went a bit nuts*

I will upload them to photo bucket please click the link to look at the folder :) CBF putting them on here itll crash LJ.

The only two things I want to complain about is the following;
1. The kangaroo inclosure is way to small! They have non room to leap around!!!
2. It's cruel to put birds of prey (eagles) in tiny fucking cages where they can't fly!!!

Enjoy the pics. PS there are also pics from Tokyo Tower at night please take a look *theyre all in the same folder :)*

P.P.S the uploaded is taking forever so please check back later if u look at this close to tehe post dates as not all the photos will be there :)


rachel_riecheru: me opening a box of hakkai stuff and he being so happy to see me! (Default)

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