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Hi Guys As I am going back to Japan I want to make sure I get off my Lazy butt and sell some of my Doujinshi that I have in Doubles :P *yes doubles* so please take a look its all Saiyuki and its all going very cheap!

*Please note*
All prices are in AUD
I can do special discounts if you get multiple items
IF you need more information or summaries I will do my best
these are ALL in Japanese
SOME pictures are NOT SAFE FOR WORK so view at work at your own risk :P

So without further adieu

Hakkai x Gojyo )

Hakkai x Goku )

Other Pairings )

This has been cross posted to my DW account as well it is a first come first served system so If someone gets in there first I will remove it from this move as soon as possible (and vice versa)

EDIT: sorry for some reason the post got deleted while i was trying to edit it. Sorry. If you have asked me for a doujinshi don't worry I have the email and message saved :)
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Last minute I decided I wanted today to be my last shopping day. That said I wasnt looking forward to shopping. The last few times Saiyuki stuff has been sparse and it gets disappointing after a while when I'm specifically shopping for it.

Decided to check Ikubukuro again Otome road is pretty good with this stuff last time I found the Hakkai cell and was very very happy. I started at animate, they didn't have the DVD I was looking for :( or any CDs I needed but I was able to find hard luck finally :) and they had a section with all the books u could buy to get the book mark soon brought they ones I most wanted to be able to get another set <3.

Then it was onto k books DVD/cd/goods shop. When I asked to see the Saiyuki DVDs they said they had none but I did find a cd that I *think* I don't have. On my way around the shop (looking for Saiyuki stuff anyway even thou they said they didn't have any) I found the DVD I was bloody looking for - the first musical they had it in the front showcase....=_= how did the shop keep not know it was there???!! So expensive but it's cheaper than I've seen it online <3 brought it and then headed upstairs to the goods section. Did they have new Saiyuki stuff?... Yes they did :D they had lovely stationary paper with lovely pics of the boys an a Sanzo badge I brought for the lovely helliongoddess twas cheaper than I quoted and it's a nice badge :( none of Hakkai.

After that I happily trotted off to mandrake, just incase there was porn I had missed.... Oooo mmmm ggg again another example of of people showed me the saiyuki stuff how they'd get my money! So I found heaps of oujinshi that weren’t there last time! Brought all the goodies and then I moves onto the wondering around the store.

Now Hakkai’s face is carved into my brain so please keep this in mind.

I walked passed a stand with magazine and noticed Hakkai, in his cloth holding a lap on the cover of one. Into the basket along with a another two which I assumed would also have Saiyuki related stuff inside as the two I didn't take (already had em) did.

Then as that rack had been deemed lucky I searched it some more for more Saiyuki stuff, saw something silver down the back oh look at that more badges yay! What's that? Is that Hakkai’s face under shit tones of bubble wrap oh look at that it is... I think I found a clock!!! XD (seriously thou Hakkai himself wouldn't have seen his gave though the wrapper like I did!)

Then onto k-books the doujinshi section! Asked them in picture talking (eg waiving my hands about) to open the fucking expensive Minekura doujinshi for me to check if there was at least enough hakkai in there to justify me spending 20475¥ on the damn thing (couldn't find the same one cheaper anywhere!!!) oh.. It's expensive cause it's her first one... Oh there’s lots of Hakkai ^_^ Siigh thank god for visas (first time I used it in a shop lol) and then brought some regular doujinshi cause they also had gotten some more.

Todays spoils! )

So well today I am very very happy ^_^

Had lunch at TGI Fridays again and that was nice but while I was relaxing and eating a really bad downpour started it wasn’t so bad at first but then it started to bucket down and I got drenched before I had a chance to buy an umbrella by the time I had brought one I was soaked and even with it my bag (full of goodies was soaked) so when I saw a taxi I grabbed one!

The thunder and lightning is really bad! I'm a little afraid of both >_< so taxi is a better option.

Link to a video of the thunder and lightning and rain – sorry for the angle.

Tonight I had lots of energy horaah so time to go out for dinner! I went to the same little sushi restaurant I did last year. And got a sashimi platter and a sushi platter it was soo good!

Dinner pics )

Now it's time for a little story my friends there is a story behind this sushi bar. However to save parties from embarrassment I am going to write this as a little fan-fiction of Hakkai/Gojyo (no funny business thou) in this story Hakkai is me. This is a TRUE story.

Please enjoy

Title: the sushi bar.
Rating: G

The Sushi Bar )
Hope you enjoy the pics and the fic :)
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Dear F-list... this next most may not be coherent like my last ones... alot of things happened today some good some not so good... but... after lunch things picked up... a lot and thats when things became less coherent.

the first part of this post was written on my iPhone as per usual as my day went...

It's 2am when I'm writing this, I had a weird dream about buyin to much stuff and that it gave me acid reflux and woke up with bad acid reflux. Went to the loo, fell tired and bluer. Then I heard the wise words of a dear friend, telling me when I feel sick I should try and be sick, better out than in sorta logic right? Well that didnt work and now I do feel sick but not going to be sick sigh. Had a sit down shower to try and relax myself and I'm now pretty tried after writing this. Goodnight again.

When I woke up I didn't feel as bad but I used my durama charm to wish myself a healthy trip and once I woke back up after a nap I felt better. I then wrote some post cards and moved onto the - waaaaaaah!!!! I just saw mount fuji! (or Fuji san as Hakkai calls it in Urasai!)

I'm actually on the bullet train as I write this lol, just finishing mailing postcards and my latest box :( box count is lowish ATM *_* Tokyo should fix that! While sticky taping my box I cut my thumb quiet badly it was bleeding everywhere good thing I have lots of bandaids with me! this train is an express which is good :)

EDIT: took the bandaid off my thumb now, no wonder it bleed! it actully sliced a 5millemeter by 3 millimeter hole in my skin so i have a whole in my thumb the shape of a rectangle... :S

Jesus bullet trains are awesome Japan itself is awesome! U see so many awesome things it's not possible to capture them all!

Oops lol when I showed the conductor my ticket he told me I wasn't allowed on this train eep oh shit! He says he's coming back in a bit but I don't understand what's going to happen XD...

He came back with a peice of paper and told me I'll need to get off at the next station and to catch the train he had written down ;_; he didn't even charge me for being on the wrong train and when I asked he said "because u missed the train" the Japanese are so kind!!! In Australia I'd be slapped with a fine and kicked off quicker then u can say sorry!

Yay now I can technically can say I've been to Yokohama (station). Got to Tokyo and then my hotel in Ikebukuro hadn't eaten was hot and it was already 1pm comiket closes at 4pm and it takes an hr to get there will not go today will instead spend day shopping. This is a good idea *nod nod* not feeling very happy though...

Although a part of me is disappointed I think I'd be more disappointed if by the time I got there I could only spend 2 hrs looking around. Tomorrow I will try and get there early and even if I have to wait in line a bit at least I'll be there. Somehow I am now in a tgi Friday because I really felt some something didn't have to worry about eating lol. Yay chips :p haven't had them in aaages but I'll be shopping soon so I need my strength!

My hotel is very close to otome road which is where k books/mandrake/animate and where that giant saiyuki gaiden sign was posted :) should have stuff to buy there :) I think I would've pushed onto comiket if I would've had access to my room when I got there or if the taxi driver had actually driven me to the hotel rather than yelling at me and pointing at bic camera XD ah well can't go wrong with shopping can u?

Dear f-list at this point in my day the following had not occurred.
- shopping
- seeing my room
- relaxing

I was honestly feeling a little shit. :(

But then....

Sooo I went to mandrake, fuck i love mandrake and came out with lots and lots of porn so much porn mostly Hakkai mmm porn. (doujinshi mind u but its still porn) Even found a couple of really good circles for Hakkai Gojyo and Hakkai Sanzo!!

In mandrake there were a lot of people which was surprising because i thought Comiket was on starting today (maybe i was wrong?) and there were two people cosplaying in the store one as tiger and one as bunny, but i couldnt get a photo of either which was fine but they both did it really well (both girls)

Happiness level 6/10

Then i went to K-books, up to the doujinshi level... ooo found more Minekura original doujinshis and yes it does have a topless picture of Hakkai awesome!! it was very expensive though and there was a second one there i wanted to buy but it was 20,000yen!!!!!! :| dont get me wrong... i will... try and justify it somehow, its uber old and has Goku on the front, but if it doesnt have at least one good Hakkai pic its a bit meaningless to me other than for collecting purposes.

Then found lots of normal Saiyuki doujinshi too and mind you there were heaps of girls going through the same section but i managed to get all the Hakkai/Gojyo ones :D hehehe. Again surprised at how many of these girls werent at Comiket the DOUJINSHI convention! Nah well.

Happiness Level 8/10

At this point my bags are very heavy filled with books and I didnt want to go to too many more shops before i went home as i can always go back in the next few days :) but then i figured id go to Animate (never got there btw because youll soon find out why)

I then saw the other Kbooks, u see, in otome road the Kbooks are split into 4 different shops. Id got to the general one, and the two doujinshi ones and was on my way to the CD/DVD and goods one. So i asked them as normal did they have saiyuki goods, and to my great surprise they said yes but not many. (this one fine i was happy to see what they had...)







IT WAS $50... I fucking kid you not...

....<3333333333333333333333333333333 i have a Hakkai Cell... gods

Happiness level over 9000!!!

I then got back to the hotel with my goodies ready to share and found out the wonderful following.

- Breakfast is FREE no cheap FREE :D (i had money put aside to pay for it!)
- FREE wireless in the Lobby!
- FREE Ethernet in the room :( to bad dont have a computer, but wait...:O u can rent one for what i was going to pay for breakfast!!! A LAPTOP (i love laptops) YES FUCKING PLEASE!!!!
- Room is so epic its unbelievable... bathroom is amazing... hotel is amazing... Im close to a post office... and Otome road... ;_; (tears of joy btw) Kyotos shitty day of being sick has been replace but one wonderful day of finding all of my Hakkai love.. all of my Tech love and all of my comfort...

Pictures of my hotel room and why its cool )

Im not going to take photos of all the Doujins... theyre too many.

But here is a run down. (bear in mind unlike our ridiculously over price for doujinshi these are 2-6 dollars each only one or two over 10 dollars)

Hakkai x Sanzo = 18
Hakkai x Gojyo (OTP) = 26 in (name of the rain, another one from aya and one from another circle i like)
Hakkai X ??? = 7

Good day! Lets hope my footy teams wins tonight to top off the epicness!!
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Got up early again today lol not a surprise to me but still. Decided to be productive so have packed my first box worth of stuff to ship. This is very exciting :)

Ya know in animes when u hear those cicadas chirping and u think "it can't be that loud?" ooooh yes it bloody well can!!!! Theres a nest outside the front of my hotel :p and its all i can hear when i walk out of it!

Today is Den Den Town so I suspect I will get another two boxes to ship or so depending on how I go today *giggles like a crazy person* I have an extra 40000 yen to spend today *drools* because I've been a good girl up till now *___* bring on the shopping "Minekura kazuya no hon Wa arimaska?" "saiyuki Wa arimaska?"

It's to early for breaky or Internet so I'm watching Japanese tv.. I'm watching a Japanese infomercial it's very weird. but where is the animes??? ;__; i havnt seen any yet!!

OMG it's too hot for this shit running around for two hours shopping in this heat!! I'm recharging at lunch back in shin Osaka station I have dropped my first four shopping bags back at my room, only 2 saiyuki items a little disappointing :( but one was another saiyuki bag with the image of hakkai smoking so maybe losing the badge was a good sign.

Lunch was nice (sitting on the subway train as I write this) I ate quickly as I desperately want to get to k books :) I want some 58 fixin!! ^_^ I hope to arrive in another 30 minutes I'll leave k books for last thou that way I'm not shlepping books around like last time (did animate first) after this it'll be time to relax and read porn :p

It huuurts! Walking is killing me and cause I'm trying to lose weight while I'm here I'm taking stairs whenever possible. I was starting to get disheartened about not getting my full saiyuki fix when bahbadabaaaa kbooks in all is shining fucking glorie. Ladies if u want man x man porn go to k books they have it all, they also have the original saiyuki doujinshis by Minekura sensei. Last time "Junk" which I didn't buy (because i didnt know what was in it until now mind you) was 10500¥ this time 4500¥ wooo buying hahah I also brought 2 other of her doujinshis.

Also the giant metal bee is totally visible (why did we not fucking notice this last time) what happened was we took a photo of melon books and we noticed the giant metal bee and were both like wtf as niether of us had noticed it and we took the pic!!

Either way today was truly a shopping day and I spent a loooot of money (if ur gonna be in Osaka looking for hakkai pairing doujinshis at k books don't bother I own em all) and will be eating nice cheap takoyaki which I'll try and remember to photograph for everyone so u can see the awesomeness!!

Now it's time for me to relax and look at porn that said no way I can look at this all tonight XD

!!!!NOW.. i write these during the day on my iphone, so i can track what im doing, i had finished writing when the below happened, it is important saiyuki fangirls read this!!!!

Kyaaaaaaaaaaaaa OMG OMG OMG OMG!!! The Minekura doujinshi has Hakkai topless in a bath with sanzo 38 girls I wanna here ur squeee's!!! (i thought this was the cherry on the cake of my day)

(this is the cherry of the cake of my life)

Kyaaaaaaaaaaaaa OMG OMG OMG OMG!!! If I die tomorrow I will die happy because originally I wasn't going to get this book cause it didnt have any saiyuki boys on it (cover) but the shop keep pointed out that they were a set so I figured why not... My heart is still beating this picture... It says it all OMG Hakkai I will love u forever. Minekura u are either a god or a devil or perhaps both... My heart is still beatingso fast!!!

Here are the pictures of today's shopping spoils ^_^ )
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Today didn't start well, with a poisonous looking spider in the kitchen and a slug (how random) also in the kitchen the day was a bit strange, and i told myself thats not worth posting.

On the way home from work (and now so excited my face hurts from smiling) I was driving behind a taxi, in Australia the taxis have numbers on their bottom right corner...

it was 85... instantly i started to grin like an idiot i am sure i looked like some psycho to the taxi driver hahaha

and if that didn't top it off there was a flat package for me waiting when i got home the 85/58 doujinshi i brought from the otaku pink sales XD


im so happpy now, ive blocked myself from accessing my work emails i'll not see them until i get back to work cause i made the password keyboard mash :P

Thank you all for your lovely comments, I will be off to the airport in 3hrs. :)

until then love you all my friends!!!!

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Hi Everyone!

My latest box has got a loooad of goodies, including the Saiyuki Gaiden OVA 2! (I'll be getting that online hopefully tomorrow.) I'll also be uploading the second sound track tomorrow night (because i know that will be the easy one XD

In this box included
- Doujinshi (30+ hakkai/sanzo and hakkai/gojyo and one sanzo/homura.)
- Saiyuki Gaiden Ova 2
- Saiyuki 2001 calendar (wanted it for the pictures but my friend told me the dates would align in 2014/2015 so there's a bonus :D)
- Epic awesome life size Tenpou wallscroll
- Epic awesome sexy as sex itself life size Hakkai wallscroll!
- Zerosum (the one with the water fight, *drools*)
- 4 Hard picture boards!

EDIT: YOU GUYS ARE AWESOME! So because of that, here is a little something for my flist ♥

Enjoy Kenren's singing and the music from the OVA ;)

Heres a pictures, the rest are under the cut.


Moar under this cut! )

New FIC!

May. 29th, 2011 11:04 am
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Yay! I wrote a new fic!! :D

So much thank yous for my two lovely beta testers! Blown_Wish & Nomore_Noless!

This fic was inspired by a post the wonderful Lawless523 posted a few days ago.

Title: Dinner Talk
Author: rachel_reicheru
Pairing: 58 + 39
Rating: PG/M (depending on how suggestive you think this is)
Disclaimer: I don't own these characters I only use them for my and your enjoyment.
Summary: Hakkai drops a bombshell at the dinner table.

Fic under the cut )
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Title: Warm me up
Author/Artist: Rachel_reicheru
Pairing(s): Gojyo/ Hakkai (85)
Rating: M (not worksafe)
Word count: 1650
Summary: Hakkai and Gojyo get caught in the rain, a Kappa's gotta do what he has gotta do to warm his cold lover up.

Hey guys my latest fic! Proofed within an inch of it life :P Hope you guys enjoy!

Come warm me up )
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Have created a Fanfiction.net account
Have been rewritting my stories and throughly editing them.

First edited chapter of a 58 fanfic can we found here

Will soon be posted a new fanfic that was inspired by a pic i got Sarubaby to draw for me :) it'll be up once i've finished proofing ^^ Keep and eye out! :D


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