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Last minute I decided I wanted today to be my last shopping day. That said I wasnt looking forward to shopping. The last few times Saiyuki stuff has been sparse and it gets disappointing after a while when I'm specifically shopping for it.

Decided to check Ikubukuro again Otome road is pretty good with this stuff last time I found the Hakkai cell and was very very happy. I started at animate, they didn't have the DVD I was looking for :( or any CDs I needed but I was able to find hard luck finally :) and they had a section with all the books u could buy to get the book mark soon brought they ones I most wanted to be able to get another set <3.

Then it was onto k books DVD/cd/goods shop. When I asked to see the Saiyuki DVDs they said they had none but I did find a cd that I *think* I don't have. On my way around the shop (looking for Saiyuki stuff anyway even thou they said they didn't have any) I found the DVD I was bloody looking for - the first musical they had it in the front showcase....=_= how did the shop keep not know it was there???!! So expensive but it's cheaper than I've seen it online <3 brought it and then headed upstairs to the goods section. Did they have new Saiyuki stuff?... Yes they did :D they had lovely stationary paper with lovely pics of the boys an a Sanzo badge I brought for the lovely helliongoddess twas cheaper than I quoted and it's a nice badge :( none of Hakkai.

After that I happily trotted off to mandrake, just incase there was porn I had missed.... Oooo mmmm ggg again another example of of people showed me the saiyuki stuff how they'd get my money! So I found heaps of oujinshi that weren’t there last time! Brought all the goodies and then I moves onto the wondering around the store.

Now Hakkai’s face is carved into my brain so please keep this in mind.

I walked passed a stand with magazine and noticed Hakkai, in his cloth holding a lap on the cover of one. Into the basket along with a another two which I assumed would also have Saiyuki related stuff inside as the two I didn't take (already had em) did.

Then as that rack had been deemed lucky I searched it some more for more Saiyuki stuff, saw something silver down the back oh look at that more badges yay! What's that? Is that Hakkai’s face under shit tones of bubble wrap oh look at that it is... I think I found a clock!!! XD (seriously thou Hakkai himself wouldn't have seen his gave though the wrapper like I did!)

Then onto k-books the doujinshi section! Asked them in picture talking (eg waiving my hands about) to open the fucking expensive Minekura doujinshi for me to check if there was at least enough hakkai in there to justify me spending 20475¥ on the damn thing (couldn't find the same one cheaper anywhere!!!) oh.. It's expensive cause it's her first one... Oh there’s lots of Hakkai ^_^ Siigh thank god for visas (first time I used it in a shop lol) and then brought some regular doujinshi cause they also had gotten some more.

Todays spoils! )

So well today I am very very happy ^_^

Had lunch at TGI Fridays again and that was nice but while I was relaxing and eating a really bad downpour started it wasn’t so bad at first but then it started to bucket down and I got drenched before I had a chance to buy an umbrella by the time I had brought one I was soaked and even with it my bag (full of goodies was soaked) so when I saw a taxi I grabbed one!

The thunder and lightning is really bad! I'm a little afraid of both >_< so taxi is a better option.

Link to a video of the thunder and lightning and rain – sorry for the angle.

Tonight I had lots of energy horaah so time to go out for dinner! I went to the same little sushi restaurant I did last year. And got a sashimi platter and a sushi platter it was soo good!

Dinner pics )

Now it's time for a little story my friends there is a story behind this sushi bar. However to save parties from embarrassment I am going to write this as a little fan-fiction of Hakkai/Gojyo (no funny business thou) in this story Hakkai is me. This is a TRUE story.

Please enjoy

Title: the sushi bar.
Rating: G

The Sushi Bar )
Hope you enjoy the pics and the fic :)
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Hey guys, not much to post today went shopping in Akihabara *i always say Akibahara* brought a lot of nice things but im stuffed and cant be bothered taking photos of stuff at the moment but will have proper giant post tomorrow :P

Went to Akibahara and found lots of stuff, the kbooks only had mens stuff but they did have have the Arcania series *all of it* so i brought all of ones with Senies work on the cover <3

I also asked a random game shop to check if they had a copy of the saiyuki
PS2 games. After difficulty in getting my point across the shop keep spent 5 minutes on the phone to someone and then took me 5 minutes away to a place hidden in a back alley *i was a bit concerned he was going to murder me, back packer murders happen in Australia hahahaha....haaa XD* but instead we went to another shop that had the game! <3 twas my first saiyuki find of the day!

Saiyuki stuff i found was
- Saiyuki PS2 game *the fighting one*
- Saiyuki Pillow
- Saiyuki Stuff
- Rare Saiyuki Silver pins in a metal saiyuki case
- Saiyuki Poster
- Saiyuki novel *the one with Sanzo on the front in water*
- Saiyuki RED postcard booklet
- Assorted Saiyuki Doujinshi

After climbing 8 flights of stairs 8, 8...8!!!!! to get to the top of the Akibahara Mandrake store to get saiyuki stuff i got a taxi back cause i got a lot of doujinshi *Yugioh and Saiyuki* this time.

after a short rest i was at the pokemon centre for more shopping. They played the pokemom centre music constantly. There was a pokemon lottery for 500yen a try i brought two tries and the first won the second highest prize! Yay! The second one also won but not as highly. I wanted to win a the high prize, a pikachu toaster, which toasts pikachus face on toast!!! XD

Pokemon stuff i brought/won
- Pokemon Band aids x 2 *practical*
- Pokemon tissues *practical*
- Large Snivy plush *won! second prize*
- Pikachu/new starters clear file set *won!*
- Some free Pokemon bags i just discovered yay lol
- Pokemon Badges
- Free Pokemon Fan
- Pokemon Rumble Stickers
- 3 notepad set, Snorlax *yay daddy*, Lapras, Dragonite
- Pokemon Black playing cards
- Another Articuno figure <3

Then went back to Akibahara and brought some more stuff. *inc some of the previous mentioned saiyuki stuff*

Had to climb more stairs at the 7 story animate XD only to find out i missed one fucking floor so i have to go back tomorrow XD

I didnt get everything and will need another day or two... to see the rest.

None saiyuki stuff i got.

- Darker than black fan books 2
- Darker than black manga *different to the last one* vol 3 & 4 *have 1,2 already*
- Thats so life manga 5-7
- Arcania series - vols 1,3,5,6,9
- Yugioh KC mug
- Yugioh Doujinshi
- The world only god knows vol 9-13
- Honey Comb *for helliongoddess*
- 2 Miku Hatsume Stress balls, one for my mate that did Japan with me last time and another for a work college who loooves Miku.

Im stuffed now i shall post pics tomorrow... time to relax later flist!
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Today was a very mixed day. For the last few days I've had my ladies time of the month which shouldn't occur because I am on the pill but her doctor warned me and said sometimes it'll force itself so today I had to buy Japanese pads as my emergency supply had about run out (I bet it'll go away now thou lol)

On the way to Kyoto i got to take the photo of the chocolate bar shaped building for you guys, please enjoy!

My day started in Kyoto animate where I brought 3 wild adapters in the hope of getting another set of saiyuki bookmarks but I didn't get any ah well I'll try again at another place lol. I also brought a folder with negima characters for a friend and the darker than black manga I misses last time.

Kyoto Spoils )

I then headed back to Osaka to go to the Umeda mandrake, and got lost what really bugged me if when I had walked and walked and walked around in a fucking giant circle found an animate and when two girls walked out of it I asked them in English did they know mandrake and they kindly took me there! I had looked down the very ally I was in and though nah not that way - fuck XD the girls were nice though and they asked me about anime in Australia and we chatted their English wasn't good but between them and my shitty bit of Japanese we managed it was very nice! The kindness of strangers!

Umeda Mandrake Spoils )

After mandrake i headed back and made a quick stop to the net cafe to get the written address of the other mandrake so I could get a taxi from the station (my ankles not happy today!)

So of I went and the taxi found it - just and then I went inside and had a lovely time picking saiyuki, minekura and general goodies! Before i went in though i did spot something rather amusing.

This, random diamond encrusted car XD


Sanzo Limited Edition Burial Figure (i know atleast 1 person on my LJ Flist is gonna hate me for this lol) it was only 2100yen!!!! ($25!!!)

Rest of the Namba Mandrake Spoils )

When i finally got back I grabbed some sushi (waaaaay to much for my shrunken stomach) and then came over to the net cafe to post! After this I'm off to roll on my spoils!

Dinner )
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So I start my tour on the bus for the morning kyoto tour and I'm still feeling a little meh but I ate breakfast and it hasn't come up or down so it's good :) I feel like being anti social today. Everyone there is very touristy no otakus :(

On the bus they were telling us where we were going and to my surprise we are going to the golden pavilion!!! (jinkaku? Or kinkaku?) it doesnt matter it was a nice surprise. Just this alone will mean it's a good day ^_^!

So, Nijō castle was beautiful and my First thought was bugger these stupid tourists, and tour guide, too slow. So I walked without them and because I did I got to see the entire castle and especially the beautiful grounds and looking point where u can see the entire grounds. The tourist group never got there :p my gain their loss heheh. I took some photos from my iPhone for you guys my wonderful flist so I could show u as soon as i did my next post :) please enjoy Nijō castle.

please enjoy Nijō castle )

I found out the original golden pavilion was burnt down by a crazy monk (literally) because the temple was too beautiful? Sound some someone we know? Golden pavilion is kinkaku, although I can't remember which one of them was kinkaku was it was one that spoke to goku and hakkai in the weird world where hakkai first took his restraints off? Or was it the brother who thought the monster was his brother and tried to kill everyone for Gojyo? :)

On the bus I saw the bonfire spot on the mountain again, they explained it's the Chinese character for big and it's shaped like a human and they represent the buhda of the pure land. It was nice to have that explained :)

Kinkaku was awesome :p it was beautiful and because of all the over hanging trees it wasn't too hot :) I wondered away from the group again though really wasn't in a social mood. I donated some coins into one of those drop boxes and made a wish. ;) my wish is a secrete! Then found a place that you throw coins into and u try and hit the middle stone bowl but I failed XD I ended up spending around 400ish yen on this and making wishes a there were two places to make wishes and I used them both!

heres kinkaku! (aka the golden pavilion!) )

As we were walking out I saw a lone crow I tried to take a photo but the sneaky bugger flew off :p gotta looove those crows lol. Everything was saiyuki related at the place from my eyes hahahha.

I drunk the entire pocari sweat (recommended by [livejournal.com profile] evilchuckles
to help get my electrolytes back up) it's gross I hate it I feel it makes me more dehydrated then not drinking it's been three hours since I've eaten (apple and Inari) and I am fine :) (so far)

It's not as hot today because there is a cloud over the sky it's more pleasant :) I retract it's hot and I'm sweaty yuck. It's more humid and it rained nooo more sticky sweatness!

The imperial palace was lovely and again took lots of photos. I wasn't able to wonder away from my group if u do these "imperial guards" come and get u and take u back to the group (and I was only a meter away lolz!!)

please enjoy the imperial castle of kyoto )

So far I've only had a slight stomach ache and no need for the loo :s I'm a bit worried to eat anything sneaky or anything. On the way to the last place we passed over kyotos largest /longest river.

Looked around Kyoto hand craft center Was a bit meh but... But they did have some English manga... yes... they did have saiyuki =_= yes despite inner hakkais arguement I did buy It. Why you ask? Because after yesterday the though of not having something to read really freaked me out so I won't be sending it back it can get destroyed in my bag but atleast I have it :) I also brought a black rock shooter figurine for my friend and some lollies shaped like sushi both will make him happy I hope :)

While waiting for a free shuttle bus I was speaking to another couple from Melbourne they were old though lol. They went for collingwood who play the saints tomorrow I told them I was a saints supporter but collingwood is my second favorite team they laughed a little and then bagged out saint kilda. But heres the thing the saints ARE going to win! My mum is going to be there and I have brought her a good match charm to help us win!! I got it from kinkaku so I know it will be lucky! (because for me anything with saiyuki is lucky)

The Japanese still play old English music from the 80-90s I still dont understand why lol.

Animate had no saiyuki things :( but when I brought two other Minekura books I was hoping to get saiyuki clear bookmarks or something like that I wasn't sure what there would be because last animate didn't do anything. This one didn't seem to either so just as my hopes went down the lady serving me pulled aside a man, says god knows what pointed to my books, then when to a cabnet and pulled out the saiyuki book marks <33333 weeeee that made my day lol.

I then went to a cafe after eating a sandwhich, it was the plainest sounding and looking on the menu but it had bacon in it (which usually gives me no issues love bacon) but I figure it's better for me to sit for a bit and wait to make sure I'm ok before I storm off again :) did have a few stomach aches and a little burp or too cleared it up, still not 100% I'd say, I'll have a light dinner tonight from the convince store.

I then with my last bit of energy (was starting to feel more tired and the stomach was aching a bit, has settled down now- mostly) I grabbed three hairclips one for me, in Articuno blue, one for my dear [livejournal.com profile] veronicacode and one for a friend back home they had limited colours but [livejournal.com profile] veronicacode is getting the red one cause it's Gojyo red and I'm sure she'll like that :) ours match and I promised her they would so I'm happy ^_^

I then found a lovely incense shop an got some for me and a friend, might burn some tonight :)

I am so tired now (have been out since 8am and its now 4pm. I will be coming back to Kyoto on a half day trip on my second half of Osaka so that I can see the things I missed while being sick. Which will be easy as it's only 30 minutes from each other.

omorrow I leave Kyoto for Tokyo for comiket!!!! Wooooo!! ^_^ should be good. Right now it's raining :(

Here are today's spoils please enjoy ^_^

the rest under this cut  )

P.s this was written using me iPhone and using the lj app I found it's not bad, actually lol.

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Hi guys, these are the instructions for the WE LOVE MINEKURA project for windows users for how to record MP3's.

Come Take a look and please feel free to ask me any questions!

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