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Gaiden Ova 2 subbed version. The guys are crawling in the shaft to escape and this is said =

Konzen: "stop pushing my ass Goku!"
Goku: "Huh? But you're slow!"
Konzen: "There's nothing I can do about it. Our bodies are different sizes!"

39/93 XD

OH i lol'd so much it hurt XD



Gaiden is being delayed again!!! JAN 22 2012~~~!!! I can't fucking wait that long are you kidding me?!!!! XD

I can understand the first delay but but ;__; waaah!
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Jeeze am I fucked, XD

Today started off easy going but soon got very very tiring.

I started the day by posting off my 6th Box, the box count is low but Tokyo should fix this :) i had to make two trips to the station but luckily they were willing to hold the half filled box for me while i ran back to the hotel.

Once that was went i headed off to Tokyo by bullet train and it was an express but it still took close to 3 hours to get there. I arrived at Tokyo at close to 2pm, and then at the place i am staying close to 2:30.

The place i am at is gorgeous its very western style but everyone speaks English which is GREAAAAT!!! They have things like proper restaurants and shops and internet in the rooms so im pretty happy.

Good things about this place are as follows

- Can rent a laptop
- Nice big bed
- nice spacious room
- lovely bathroom
- wonderful view of tokyo tower *one which i was going to show u but it seems that it isnt lighting up at night anymore :(*

bads things are
- no coin laundry *so either have to do it by hand or pay a lot for them to do it - did it by hand*
- you have to pay for the internet *most hotels had it free*
- Food pricing is more expensive.

Im still very happy with this place though and all in all i am happy to pay for the net as i would need to do that with a cafe anyway and now i can have it in my room.

Its also got a wardrobe *no lions/magic portals ect thou* so i was able to use that as hanging space for the freshly washed closed lol. - jeeze im fucked though.

I went walking around the area and to the Pokemon Centre but there was so many kids in it i couldnt move to save myself, so i left empty handed and will return another day. I then ate lunch which was late because i had a late breakfast and that was nice, when to a Soba Restaurant, and got a Bento everything in it was nice <3


At the start of the shopping area there is also this shrine

And we can always see a nice view of TT

Afterwards i contemplated going to the shrine/temple near my hotel but then didnt feel up to it *periody* got back to the hotel to find myself stained... =____=****** FUCK HELL I really have only one good fucking pair of shorts with pockets and a belt for my ever shrinking waist! but luckily theyre quick dry material for traveling, so i washed them quick smart and it was fine. Siigh.

Heres the pic of the shrine more/better ones to come soon


Now i am not sure what to eat for dinner sort of feel like subway but not sure if i have the energy with these cramps to eat out XD siiigh...



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Having LJ down really made me realize how much i enjoy checking peoples journals ect, i really missed it, i don't have many people on dreamwidth so if you have a username there let me know what it is so i can add you.

Not having LJ did make me start planning my trip more, so i google mapped the route to Mt Fuji (its all in fucking japanese thou gah.) and how to get to certain shopping locations... I can't believe i leave a week from today.

JAPAN here i come!!
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On Monday night i went to a physio for my Ankle, even thou my doctor said no need. They've sticky bandaged it in such a way that makes it feel like im always wearing orthodics. I go back tonight for another check up, its hard to tell whether its better or not because to be perfectly honest it felt better before the bandaged then while it was on. If they want me to wear it again (tonight) i might advise them no thanks, and it is very uncomfortable, ofcourse if i hurt my ankle again I'll be in a real shitty mood but i might discuss with the people whether getting new shoes (not expensive ones, but new ones none the less.) will help at all.
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"So i think i am back on again, its incredably slow.. i wanted to update re ankle and stuff... i think ill wait till this issue is resolved...


Above is what i wanted to post last night.

After LJ working all day at work for me I was excited to get back on last night. After it didn't work i tried clearing cache and using a different browser it didn't fix it so much as make it possible to view my friends page and do things REALLY REALLY fucking slowly.
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I twisted or hurt my ankle yesterday running around my work office. ;__; it hurts

I tried to go for a walk today thinking maybe i can walk it off, didn't work LOL. I should've listen to my inner Hakkai saying to rest it, XD but usually he says to go for a walk no matter what so i am blaming him giving me mixed messages!

I'm meant to be walking around the office today helping new guys out for 2 hrs!!

I think I'll send an email to get them to come to my desk XD Boooooo ;__;

This sucks major balls. T_T I dislike being in great amounts of pain, I'm a real sook!


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