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Today is my last full day in Japan. I am writing this entry from the steps near where the fireworks will be u need a ticket to get a good spot which no English site advised (ah well these steps are fine) once it gets closer to the time I'll move to get a better view (no guarantees for photos sorry)

Its looked over cast all day but hasn't rained if the rain can hold off until the end I'd appreciate it.

Today went to Akihabara to so two things.

1. To buy the new zerosum and wings mags
2. To find and attend the seiryu cafe.

The buying of mags was successful. I was able to buy what I wanted an o brought two zerosums so I could stick a mummy hakkai on my wall!

Finding the cafe was also successful! Although finding the English names of the voice actors was not.

One man was from high school of the dead - OMG he was fuckin hot not hakkai hot but regular Japanese longish hair mmmmmm hot.

Another man was from hitman reborn and yugioh gx. (these were listed in his profile I suspect he has done more as the other guy would've.)

Another dude and dudette had no English animes listed so not sure what they were from. The girl was my waiter and was extremely nice. In the cafe they act out scenes from their animus and talk about menu items In character its amazing that they can change their voices so dramatically! Was incredible to watch! After spending around an hour there I headed off, I was stuffed had slept badly the night before having several bad dreams and was kept awake so when I got back to drop of my stuff I crashed on the bed for a few hours.

When I headed back out the sun was just creeping through the clouds so I had some hope for tonight... God I hope I'll be able to see them :( I'll be pretty upset if I can't it would be a rather shitty end to such a great trip.

I left my steps and found a group of Chinese students to sit with they talked to me in a mix of Japanese and English I apparently can understand Japanese... Just can't speak it :p

We moved around a bit and I stayed with that group 3 girls and a guy all from China when I we were watching fireworks the guy had got and gotten takoyaki for the group I was a bit hungry and the smell was so good but then he tapped my shoulder and he gave me some too. so kind!

The fire works were amazing even from our slightly obscured view! I watched for about 40 minutes sitting on the road. Then the group left for dinner and I stayed a bit on my own before I decided inhad seen enough and started to head home.

On the way we had been packed into the train like sardines Japanese train style but on the way back it was fine. There was a very strang man that started to shake his man boob at me and such... To which I ignores and then got on another train carriage not sure if he was trying to attract me or distrurb me but it did nether just made me wonder if he was alright in the head XD

Today's been good the manga the fireworks everything tomorrow morning I will send back my last box. I will then go visit the shrine next to the hotel. At 2pm a bus comes and picks me up. I will be waiting from 1:30pm. Then I spend from 3:40pm to 1pm the following day in air and in airports. Yuck. But I will be happy to get home.

Also on a non japan related topic. This is one of my favorite shows and its about adds. this week they had to make an add to convince aussies to ban swearing. Id like you to watch the first add. - this is very me :P and *well im not thaaat bad* but i love this add its sooo true!!

http://www.abc.net.au/tv/gruentransfer/thepitch.htm -> its very funny so please watch :) especially if ur an Australian on my flist.

Here is the link for the fireworks video if u wanna see - its as good as i could get :P





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