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Today i received (very quickly indeed) a rare item i found on Ebay :D I got the Saiyuki Postcard book, but not the new ones which were just realesed this really old one, with the old pictures of them in jail and the old pictures of them with the guns! :D the book is great!

Perth trip is coming to and end with my 4th last week half way through. I will be happy to get back to Melbourne to be with my friends and all my stuff and everything. :) Not to mention i will have some saiyuki loviliess waiting for me from japan.

I wasn't able to take many photo's cause the book was getting damaged but if i have time i will take some more when i have someone to hold the book for me! :) Enjoy the ones i did take.

This is the cover.

The rest of the Pictures Here! )
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Hi guys, update from Perth!

I finally feel like im getting good at my job, slowly but surely. But sometimes i still answer the phone with my old jobs greeting XD LolZ.

This week i got some Hakkai Gojyo Doujins i purchased so that kept me happy taking a look through them. Today is the rematch of the AFL grandfinals and although my team is in it I am not as excited as i was last week. I think I will be once the game starts.

I miss my friends back in melbourne :< The people here a really nice but i havent bounded with anyone so I spend all my time out of work alone. :<

Right now its 6:30am in the morning, and i am watching dragon ball Z dub on telly cause there isn't anything else on. I've never been a big fan of dragon ball Z or dubs, right now theyre all screaming and lining up in a dance (the bad guys that is) and it looks very very silly.

Today i am getting my hair cut >< (blooody finally) On thrusday i asked a place next to my house how much a hair cut would be and they quoted me 87 dollars!!!!!! O_o.... Fuck off! XD
So i am going to a cheap and quick place as i dont really care if it looks dreadful as long as its done XD "I'm pervy so it grows fast too" <- this applies to me :P Gotta love an accruate Gojyo quote ^^.

Here are some images from perth :) )


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