Jan. 6th, 2011

rachel_riecheru: (notgoodwithwords)
Heya haven't posted in a while...

I think mainly because my brain couldn't take the pressure of moving
states again and then moving houses and then moving all of my belongings
minus a bit of Saiyuki lovelies into a giant metal container, inaccessible due to the Tetris like packing of it.

I'm very lost at the moment not knowing what direction I want to head for in the future, only know the following.

1. I want to become a senior at work!
2. I want to go back to Japan this year, more sightseeing, and more shopping hahahah. I want to go in time for summer comicket because it pained me to have missed out on the last.

My parents want me to go back to uni but i just don’t think it’s for me so I’m going to be looking into other things. My job is good so I’m happy with that for now.

Lastly its time for me to stop waiting for the magical skinny fairy to come along, I've decided I need to do something about my weight cause if I don’t do something no one else can.

I found out when i got back to Melbourne I have under active thyroids which makes it harder to loss weight and easier to gain weight which highly shits me as last year (at least the start of) i tried really bloody hard to lose weight and it amounted in nothing. ~ Ah well.

So rather than making a crappy new years resolution I’m going to make a plan, because i like plans and i will stick to my plan. (And by posting it here i can't escape it.)

So this is my plan for this year.

Lose weight; going to try and get some appetite suppressors, mainly because i don't always eat too badly but i always eat a lot, i feel that if I can get my stomach to shrink a little it'll be easier for me to then maintain a more manageable load. I also am finally going to be taught how to ride a bike, :$ yes i don't know how, my dad abandoned the idea of teaching me after one lesson! So i feel if i learn to ride a bike it'll be good for my health but also give me a liable means of transportation in Japan, as well... --; the bloody roads are so confusing as u are allowed to ride of the footpath!

Go to Japan: Go to Japan XD pretty straight forward.

Senior at work: Become a senior at work, there is an intake for seniors in March and if i don't get that one i will aim for the one six months down the track but i will try my hardest to become a senior at work this year generally! (I want to make the first intake but might miss out due to the health issues i experienced in Perth and now the follow ups to get my Thyroid problems under wraps.)

And ofcourse, :P to fill my room with more Saiyuki stuff then possible hahaha...

Soon I’ll be posting a Gaiden booklet i found on eBay that has character stats and what not. I haven't seen it online yet so i thought that everyone would like it! ^_^


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