May. 16th, 2011

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this year seems to be going slower than any other. The weeks themselves are fast but the year as a whole is creeping by.

My Friday was spent going to a doctor, a dentist and an orthotics specialist.

This was bloody expensive as a whole. The only thing that made me happy was that even after four years of avoiding the dentist (i hate them, no offence to any dentists on my flist.) i didn't have a single cavity. The dentist was quite annoyed (hehehe)

I've been trying to write something for the Minekura 30 Day meme but apparently my writers block has extended to non creative medium as well so I find myself being able to write only a line or two about the things i love. :( this has made me sad.

This morning on my walk i was thinking hard about when i stopped being able to write and maybe if something happened. I figured out maybe it wasn't going to Perth but something else. At the time i went to Perth i parted with some people that were really important to me, they used to always be around me encouraging me, making me laugh and push myself past my own small expectations.

Although I have kept one of them very close to my heart (as they stayed, and that won't change.) I think its time to get the rest of them back, to catch up and to see if it is why i can't right a proper paragraph to save my life.

*does a sookie face* Come back boys, I need you. <3


rachel_riecheru: me opening a box of hakkai stuff and he being so happy to see me! (Default)

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