Aug. 20th, 2011

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Today i needed to take it easy, i just needed a clear head space day with no running around shopping and no annoying tours - i even had an afternoon nap which was brilliant!

My day started in Osaka but i went to Kyoto to see the shrine i Missed while i had food poisioning. I spent some time in the beautiful main room of the shrine which had lovely artitecture (sorry i know thats spelt wrong) but wasnt able to take any photos of the inside sorry.

Here are ther photos i could take )

The room was covered in Tatami mats and was lovely though very calming and there was incense there too.

I sat there for a while and cleared my mind which was good the horrid thing needed clearing. Once i had done so i felt good and wondered around the parts of the temple i didnt see last time, including a sort of art gallery. On the way to the gallery there was lots of awesome quotes which also helped with the mind clearing and clear decision making. :) quotes like

"The only life you have is the one you live now" stuff like that (thats close to but not on of them lolz)

After that i wondered around Kyoto buying Souvanirs for my team at work! GO THE PROVFESSIONALS!! I got them little calm Buhda statues lol we need calm in our team we get a bit anxsty with the ammount of work we pick up which would have been avoided had someone done their bloody job properly hahaha XD.

I got me and my Fellow Senior big clam Budha and the other guys little Buhda, my Team leader gor a angry warrior though because hes Asian and very Buhda like already so wanted something that was totoally not his personality XD


After that i went back to the Usagi Shop and spent sooo long deciding what to buy! XD Got some stickers and a dairy in the end cause they were sooo cuuute!!!



Then i trundled back to Osaka had a burger for lunch (sorta at a Mcers kind a place but WAS NOT MACCERS!!!)

Then headed back to my room where i comtemplated a massage but then went againest it and then had an afternoon nap instead - OOOO that felt good! A lazy saturday <3 that was so nice. Dreamt of Hakkai <3 Yay! Got up intime to post and have dinner ;) perfect.


rachel_riecheru: me opening a box of hakkai stuff and he being so happy to see me! (Default)

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