Aug. 19th, 2011

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Today was a very mixed day. For the last few days I've had my ladies time of the month which shouldn't occur because I am on the pill but her doctor warned me and said sometimes it'll force itself so today I had to buy Japanese pads as my emergency supply had about run out (I bet it'll go away now thou lol)

On the way to Kyoto i got to take the photo of the chocolate bar shaped building for you guys, please enjoy!

My day started in Kyoto animate where I brought 3 wild adapters in the hope of getting another set of saiyuki bookmarks but I didn't get any ah well I'll try again at another place lol. I also brought a folder with negima characters for a friend and the darker than black manga I misses last time.

Kyoto Spoils )

I then headed back to Osaka to go to the Umeda mandrake, and got lost what really bugged me if when I had walked and walked and walked around in a fucking giant circle found an animate and when two girls walked out of it I asked them in English did they know mandrake and they kindly took me there! I had looked down the very ally I was in and though nah not that way - fuck XD the girls were nice though and they asked me about anime in Australia and we chatted their English wasn't good but between them and my shitty bit of Japanese we managed it was very nice! The kindness of strangers!

Umeda Mandrake Spoils )

After mandrake i headed back and made a quick stop to the net cafe to get the written address of the other mandrake so I could get a taxi from the station (my ankles not happy today!)

So of I went and the taxi found it - just and then I went inside and had a lovely time picking saiyuki, minekura and general goodies! Before i went in though i did spot something rather amusing.

This, random diamond encrusted car XD


Sanzo Limited Edition Burial Figure (i know atleast 1 person on my LJ Flist is gonna hate me for this lol) it was only 2100yen!!!! ($25!!!)

Rest of the Namba Mandrake Spoils )

When i finally got back I grabbed some sushi (waaaaay to much for my shrunken stomach) and then came over to the net cafe to post! After this I'm off to roll on my spoils!

Dinner )


rachel_riecheru: me opening a box of hakkai stuff and he being so happy to see me! (Default)

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